A popular finish (especially for Stainless Steel products) is polishing. Polishing is often applied for visible parts, but also for parts where a fine surface roughness is required (for example, the consumer product industry).

When a standard surface (cast or uncast) of a product is studied, it shows 'high' peaks and 'low' valleys. By polishing the surface, the peaks are flattened out and the surface becomes smoother. This makes it harder for dirt to stick to the surface. This makes it a popular method in the consumer product industry (food sector).

Staal RVS polijsten Stainless steel polishing

LKL Staal provides the following manners of polishing:
- Electro polishing
- Machine polishing
- Manual polishing


Electro polishing
During electro polishing, a thin layer of the product is removed. This decreases the roughness. It also improves the corrosion resistance and the product can be cleaned easier.

Manual polishing
By polishing a product manually, a (locally) very smooth surface can be achieved. This mainly occurs for RVS products. It is very suitable to polish odd shapes and locations which can be hard to reach with a machine. All desired finishes are possible. A popular finish is mirror polishing. 


Machine polishing
Machine polishing is cheaper than manual polishing and has a uniform result. However: the shape of the product needs to allow for it. This is assessed per product. Various finishes are possible (also brushing, grinding, etc.) We recommend



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