Gravity die casting (steel mould)

Gravity die casting

Gravity die casting

This casting method is, among others, suitable for casting aluminium and uses a permanent metal cast. It consists of two properly connecting parts. The mould is made of steel, in which the aluminium is directly cast. Filling the mould is done by gravity or low pressure (gravity and low pressure die-casting), which makes the molten metal flow into the mould.

In China, casting is often done manually. The mould is filled using the casting pan. Cores or dissolving metal cores can be used to create recesses in the cast.

A benefit of shell casting compared to sand casting or lost wax casting is the consistency of the cast. The same mould is used which decreases the chance on deviations. The shape is destroyed and made again after each sand cast. This reduces the manufacturing costs.

Shell casting mainly consists for casting in aluminium or galvanised alloys.

Draft angles are required.

Due to the more expensive moulds, these production methods are less attractive for smaller amounts (orders from 500kg).


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